السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Let peace and blessing of God be with you

Important news: Friday pray at Shelly Farm community centre, SIEA Alderbrook Sunday school & Highlands Boys & Girls Youth Clubs are all suspended until further notice

21/3/2020 21:00

Thank you for those register for the classes tomorrow. Please find attached a document that explains how it will work. Teaching arrangements and access-b

What you need to do now

What you need to do now is to install an app on your mobile phone / tablet / laptop called ZOOM. There are instructions that explain how this works in the attached document on pages 3-6. Please read all the pdf document.

What you need to do tomorrow

Tomorrow, you need to join the correct class from 10AM. To do this, you will need a meeting ID and a password. Have a look at page 4 of the document to find out the right meeting ID and password for the relevant class.

If you need technical support tomorrow, please call one of these numbers:

  • 07538469146
  • 07976141077
  • 07772513357

This will all make sense over the coming weeks. Read the document and it is all explained therein. And please bear with us as we all make this switch to online learning.

Many thanks.

Dr. Obadah Ghannam

Head of Quran Study, Distant teaching coordinator

21/3/2020 12:30pm

Dear parents, Asalaam alaykum

As you know, face-to-face learning at the Sunday school has been cancelled because of COVID-19. We are striving to replace this with online learning, and would like to ask if you want to enrol your child for this new service (no additional fee is needed). Please read the attached letter.

If you would like to register your child, please complete the registration form through this link: https://forms.gle/vDq8rexjSao7Mj1ZA.

Teacher Dr. Issam Ghannam will be teaching Islam to students aged 12+ on Facebook live stream at 11am every Sunday . It will be directed to general public so students could follow without being a friend of siea.charity (ask to become a friend) but needs to have an account. (setup one today from www.facebook.com )

for more info COVID-19-siea

Yours sincerely,

The SIEA teaching online team

18/3/2020 Following extensive consultations:

Friday prayer will NOT be held at Shelly Farm Community centre from 20/3/20 until further notice to avoid transmission of the deadly Coronavirus.
We will let you know when we will resume using it إن شاء الله

Friday study circle will be ONLY available on line through Facebook.com/SIEA.charity 8:30-9:30pm.

If you are a friend of SIEA.charity it will appear on your timeline. Request to become.
It will be available to general public anyway click on
SIEA Sunday school is suspended from 22/3/20 until further notice due to massive drop in students attendance. Teaching will be delivered online إن شاء الله (details you follow).
SIEA is keen to protect our brothers and sisters from catching Coronavirus during religious gathering since it’s a deadly virus especially to at risk members.

Yours sincerely
Dr. Issam Ghannam, MD,
Solihull Imam
SIEA chairman

17/03/2020] From Youth Leader teacher Talha: YOUTH GROUP CANCELLED

After consultation, we have decided to cancel youth group until the foreseeable future.

Allah protect us
From teacher Talha: Insha’allah, I will run a live stream session online in place of the youth group. In times like these, we must turn back to Allah

16/3/2020 Salaam Parents
We’ve noted a significant drop in attendance this week and anticipate this trend is highly likely to continue due to the Coronavirus.
Our ability to effectively teach and complete the curriculum is being compromised.
We’ve therefore taken the decision to shut Sunday School for now and will let you know when the school re-opens.

We will however keep you informed about remote teaching zoom options via our website : siea.org.uk & solihullsundayschool.info

More information to follow. please visit this site

Kind regards
SIEA Board

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