School Library

Dear parents
Al-salamu alaikum
The new school library will be opening this week inshallah, Sunday 9 October. Organised by the school’s new PTA, the library will be open each week and has been divided into two age groups: books suitable for children aged up to 10 years, and those for children aged over 10 years. The age groups will be rotated on a weekly basis, starting with the under 10’s this week. The books for the children over 10 will be available next week. This gives each child the opportunity to borrow a book once every 2 weeks. Children should return their books after the 2 week period.
Please encourage your child to borrow books from the school as we are keen that children supplement their learning with more home reading. Try to discuss the book with your child to help understanding of the topic.
If you would like to donate any used Islamic books, you can bring them to the school’s front desk.
Kind regards
SIEA Sunday School PTA
Established 9/10/2016
Each student is expected to read ten stories each academic year and will be recognised in school assembly and given a present every time he/she reads 10 stories