Teacher Issam – past lessons

Topics taught to Advanced Islamic Study since 2010 are

25/9/2016 Aqeeda: The creation of the universe – view quetions-on-creating-heavens-and-earth

2016/2017 lessons

2015/2016 lesseons

8/11/15 Hadith from Nawawi collection

1/11/2015 Aqeeda topic: what is the closest way to feel Allah with you?

25/10/2015 20 Islamic invention from the 1001 Islamic invention book

18/10/2015 1st & 2nd Hadiths of the Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi

11/10/2015 The emerge of Ummayad Dynasty and death of Imam Hussain

4/10/2015 Purification, wisdome behind

27/9/2015 definitions of shariah

20/9/2015 what would you use to prove that Allah exisst?

13/9/2015 Assessment to all student via an exam on Hajj, Pray, Iman, Major 21 sins, Ihsan, Kuffar.

31/5/15 Exam

24/5/15 Aqeeda: belief that allah created Angels & Jinn

17/5/15 Who could your Zakat be given to?

9/5/15 Bad Cahracters: lazyness & time wasting – How do we know the believer from the hypocrite (pretend to believe)

2/5/15 Story of Yusuf AS

25/4/15 Esra & Miraaj

19/4/15 What items or gold you don’t pay Zakat on

12/4/15 Bad Morals: cheating, showing-off, arogancy

5/4/15 school closed – easter break

30/3/15 discussion on the Muslim Jesus video

22/3/15 The Muslim Jesus video

15/3/15 end on Janazah & start of Zakat

8/3/15 Bad Moral values: Oppression

1/3/15 What the Bible say about Muhammad (PBUH)

22/2/15 exam + 4th Khalifa Ali Ibn Abi Talb RA

15/2/15 How to react to illnesses & death

8/2/15 humbelness & punishment to arrogant people

1/2/15 Aqidah: What the Quran says about Muhammad & test on Uthman Ibn Affan

25/1/15 Parents day

18/1/15 Exam + 3rd Khalifah Uthman Ibn Affan 3rd Khalifah Uthman Ibn Affan RA

11/1/15 How to react to Paris Charllie Hebdo killing

4/1/15 Types of Nafil Salat

14/12/15 Truthfullness & generosity

7/12/14 Test your faith (download)

30/11/14 Shyness & Ihsaan

23/11/14 Omar Ibn AL-Khattab RA

16/11/14 Men & women Imams

9/11/2014 The secret behind purification, Ghusil, Sunan AL-Fitrah, eating advices

2/11/2014 Video on the creation of Allah

26/10/2014 Mercifulness hadiths

19/10/2014 Exam on Udhiah & Abu-Bakr Assidiq RA

12/10/2014 Empire of Faith video

5/10/2014 school is closed: eidul Adha

28/9/2014 Al-Udhiah “Qurbani” Sarifice in Islam

21/9/2014 Al-Khulafa Al-Rashidoun: Abu Bakr Al-Siddique

14/9/2014 Pillars of Iman/ Pillars of Hajj

7/9/2014 survey on “how much you already know about Islam”

Advance Islamic Study, 2013-2014 Syllabus overview – Dr Issam Ghannam

2014-06-01 Bad charecters and evil habits

2014-05-25 Why ibadah has sunnah & farid & important of intention

2014-05-18 GCSE questions on Aqeedah

2014-05-11 the 21 major sins in Islam

2014-05-04 Mercifulness in Islam

2014-04-27 Justice at home & in the community

2014-04-20 school closed easter holiday

2014-04-13 GCSE question on Aqeedah

2014-4-06 Islamic ruling on those who refuse to pray

2014-03-30 Aqeedah: More Names and attributes of Allah

2014-03-23 Terminal illnesses & Death

2014-03-16 Film The Massege – Mustafa Al-Aqqad in Highlands Lecture Hall

2014-03-09 seerah Review all 23 years of life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

2014-02-02 Seerah year 10

2014-02-26 Seerah year 9

2014-02-19 Seerah year 8

2014-02-12  Essential concepts on “Aqeedah” Monotheism in Islam

2014-01-26 The ehics of “Eethaar” giving what you need to some who need has a similar need

2014-01-19 Fiqh Travelling prayers, Joining prayers & fear prayers

2014-01-12 Year 7 of Seerah,

2014-01-05 How this universe will end (PowerPoint & video presentation)

2013-12-15 Relying on Allah SW after being fully prepared

2013-12-08 Friends of Allah and Friends of Shytans

2013-12-01 Seerah year 6 Hudabiah Treaty

2013-11-24 Signs of the hour (Test)

2013-11-17 Signs of the last day (the Hour – Video) 

2013-11-11 Fiqh of Awrah & Etiquette of mixing between brothers & sisters in Islam

2013-11-03 Exam on year 5 events & good characters: perseverance

2013-10-27 Seerah Year 5 events including The Moat Ghazwah

2013-10-20 Aqeedah More names of Allah

2013-10-13 What you must know about hajj Handout + watch short 6min video or Long Video 75min or see high qaulity new seens video

2013-10-06 Unity of Mazahib on Farid & Diffrences around sunnah

2013-09-30 Farids of Purification-Wudu-Salat

2013-09-23 History events during year 4 of Alhijrah

2013-09-16 Etiquette related to sleep & the 10 Fitrah

2013-09-09 What is Aqeedah – reminder

2012-2013 lessons given by Dr. Issam Ghannam, advanced Islamic Study

Topics that will be taught monthly are : Aqeedah (monotheistic belief), Shariah (Islamic Laws), History (Life of Prophet Muhammad pbuh in Medinah), Islamic ethics (Hadith)

2/6/2013 Seerah year 3&4 in Medinah

26/5/13 Aqeedah More Names of Allah

19/5/13 Animal rights in Islamu

12/5/13 Death in Islam – Imtiaz Annsari

5/5/13 seerah year 2 in Madinah

28/4/13 Criminal law in Islam 2

14/4/13 Criminal law in Islam 1

7/4/13 Seerah: arrival to Madina and first year

24/3/13  aqeedah, more Names of Allah

17/3/13 Etiquette related to non-Muslims

10/3/13 Etiquette Related to Travelling (Mihajul Muslim pages 261-266)

3/3/13 Aqeedah lesson – Aqeedah Tahawiah from 7-14 click to down load all items 1-135

24/2/13 Islamic History 1st & 2nd of Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

17/2/13 Hunting-type of food  & drinks (Mihajul Muslim pages 396-403)

10/2/13 Answering last week homework 

3/2/13 Etiquette Related to Hosting – Travelling (Mihajul Muslim pages 253-266)

27/1/13 Miladul Nabi: why it is improtant click here

20/1/13 School closed due to heavy snow

13/1/13 Aqeedah Al-Tahawiah

6/1/13 Divorce in Islam (from mihajul al-Muslim 2 vol)

16/12/12 Continue Etiquette and rights of Muslims in general (page 204-223 Mihajul Muslim)

9/12/12 correcting the exam on Salah – History: The establishment of the Islamic State in Medinah

2/12/12 Aqeedah lesson: miracle of hearing video Quran verses on Hearing

25/11/12 Questions on Salat and rules on Marriage page 320 of 2nd volume

18/11/12 Etiquette and rights of Muslims in general (page 204-223 Mihajul Muslim)

11/11/12 Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (difinitions)

4/11/12 Names of ALlah – test

21/10/12 Hajj pillars, wajib and sunnahs

14/10/12 What Islamic GCSE exam expect you to know

7/10/12 Etiquette for eating & drinking (page 246)

30/9/12 Empire of Faith. Part 1: Prophet Muhammad and rise of Islam

23/9/12: Islam redistribution to wealth Inheritance law (from Mihajul Muslim)

16/9/12 school first day: introduction to new year


2011-2012 lessons given by Dr. Issam Ghannam, advanced Islamic Study

11/3/12 collection of hadith on repentance

4/3/2012 Seera of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the history of prophet Muhammad summerised according to stages by The Musalla website is home page for Muslims of Central Scotland and West Lothian

26/2/2012 Fiqh of Wudu

17/2/2012 Ways to beleive in Allah

10/02/2012 Beliving in Allah SW for detailed discussion click here

29/1/2012 Truthfulness & Watchfulness Hadiths

22/1/2012 Fiqh 2 Islamic Law- Shariah

15/1/2012 Names of Allah through Fact of Creation DVD


04/12/2011 Collection of Hadiths from Riyadh Al-Salheen

27/11/2011 The four rightly guided Khalifas

20/11/2011 Types & punishment of hypocrisy

30/10/2011 Eid prayers/ Sacrifice 

23/10/2011 Aqeedah: The miracle in the cell – click here for summery  to see the video click here

16/10/2011 Standard Friday Khutba – Seerah life of the prophet (pbuh) in Makkah year 4-5

8/10/2011 Moral values: who are the servants of Allah

2/10/2011 Fiqh: removal of Najasah

25/9/11 Aqeedah click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP6ZiQ9oq94 to watch the video

18/9/2011 Seerah


2010-2011 lessons given by Dr. Issam Ghannam, Advanced Islamic Study

Forty Hadiths

Test your faith given on 28/11/10

Islam uses common sense

Islam in Spain

Islamic contribution to science

Banned Marriage (lesson on 5/12/10

Hajj types and rules

10 Fitrah Sunan

Mosque rules

Rules of buying and selling

The wise Luqman1

The wise Luqman2

dress code for all

Monothiestic Beleif

Muhammad PBUH 

Who is Muhammad PBUH?

Salah plus (issues around salah)

Salah Plus 2 (type of Salah & other rules)


20 Hadith Qudsi

21 Major deadly sins



Advance Islamic Study, 2013-2014 Syllabus overview – Dr Issam Ghannam a- History of Islam: Life of Prophet Muhammad in Medinah year 5 to 10, the Four Guaided Khalifah b- Aqeedah: revisit the proof there is a creator, that Allah is the creator, Allah’s descriptions, Revisit the pillars of Imaan, concentrate on life after death: description of Hour, how the universe will end, resurrection, details of day of judgement sequence, description of Heaven & Hell c- Fiqh Al-Shariah Understanding Islamic Law: Re-visit the five pillars of Islam, Abolishment of slavery, leadership in Islam (political structure), Charity structure, Dress code (revisit), Islam & environment issues d- Moral values in Islam: continuation from Minhajul Muslim book