SIEA Academy weekly activities

Solihull Islamic Education Academy

SIEA runs various functions to serve the Muslim & Non-Muslim communities. Why not get involved, there are so many functions to meet your taste.


Mothers & Toddlers (2-5) every Sunday
Solihull Sunday School: 340 students aged 5-17 years old
Family Quran & Hadith Study Circle

Weekly Quran teaching for toddlers, children, sisters, & brothers

Monthly Book Club

Monthly Islamic Lecture
Islam & Arabic adult education courses & lectures

Yearly education sessions on Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Isra & Miraaj, Ramadan & Hajj

Friday prayers at SFCC
Taraweeh and Eid prayers at Sports halls
Five daily congregational prayers in Masjid
Weekly Quran recitation sessions and Daily 10 minutes: Quran & Hadith reading.
Dawah sessions across Solihull & the west Midlands

Recreation activities:
Ladies Aerobics
Ladies Badminton
Men Badminton
Men football
Youth football
Youth cricket

Building Bridges:
Boys youth club
Girls youth club
Eid parties
Ramadan Iftar parties
Youth Iftar parties
Support other charities
Faith forum & Media articles
Shelly farm community center
Mothers cafe & Mothers & toddlers

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